This is a blog where I post quotes that my roommates and friends say. They are special people. Feel free to submit quotes as well!
You should be a mime. Dance fool, dance!

Melissa to Gordan

It’s ok. I’m black! I’ll protect you.

Melissa is not black. I feel like she should know this by now.

I always wanted to visit a mental institution and just jump around and wear a straight-jacket.

Melissa worries me a great deal.

We should name a doll and call it Tiffany and put it in the corner for when she leaves.

Melissa wants to name a doll after me……

a doll… named Tiffany….

Don’t throw pennies at my boyfriend he’s more expensive than that!
Melissa while drunk apparently. Good to know he comes cheap! ;)

More Melissa-ness

I sound like a little boy in puberty.

So Melissa wanted to watch fox and the hound and cry out all her feelings and think of you as the fox to cry more. I told her no.
Jana tells me of my roommates escapades while I am away.
Maybe the NyQuil is having the opposite effect because I’m ADD.

Melissa has special logic. She also hasn’t been diagnosed with ADD.

One time I wanted to go to the park to give kids candy.

my roommate shouldn’t be allowed near children